headshots 101
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The Purpose of Headshots101.com:

It is important to know about taking good headshots. Yet, there do not seem to be many resources for you, the artist, to be able to learn about these basic tools for taking better headshots. The whole purpose of your headshots is to get you the opportunities that will open the doors to auditions and work. Headshots are the primary tool for actors to promote themselves. Without a good set of headshots you will not be able to go very far.

That is just the truth of the matter.

The purpose of this site is to educate actors and actresses on the process of taking your headshots. Being a professional photographer in Los Angeles I have worked on tons of headshots for actors. From the beginner to the seasoned actor I have found that many either don't know what they are really going for when they get headshots, or they make choices that can negatively affect the way their headshots come out.

Those that are unhappy with their headshots did not know certain things that would have aided in better headshots or better printing choices. However, the more you know about the basics the better your headshots will be. My intent here is to let you know this information so that even if I am not your photographer you can have the basic information you need to take better headshots and pick the best headshots to invest in.

With a good headshot photographer you will be able to get great acting headshots that will communicate who you are and what you can do. Your headshots will communicate your casting. Your headshots will pop and get you more auditions.

We have tried to cover all the basic info and are continually adding more information on a regular basis. However, if you have a question that is not covered here please feel free to e-mail me using the contact page. You can also contact me to get rates and schedule a consultation for your headshots.

Jessica Pettyjohn