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What do I do once I have my headshots?

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If you have an agent go over the photos with them and have them help you select your shots. THIS SHOULD NOT REPLACE THE SURVEY! Also, you can give them a disk so that they can e-mail shots of you that are more specifically aimed to a certain role you are aiming for. This disk can have tons of images, but you want to make it simple for your agent. So, get about 10 shots with different qualities.

If you don't have an agent that is your first step. Get a list of agents in your area.headshot example Write them all letters and send headshots with those letters. Visit if you can and do this until you have an agent.

Submit for open casting calls in your local casting pages. Network with other actors and start promoting yourself.

Also, check out www.myactingsite.com. These guys are great and provide very successful services to actors and actresses. It's a great medium for you to promote with, and you can upload as many images as you would like. You can also upload demo reels and so forth for no extra fees! I love that about these guys.

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