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During the photo session

Be in communication with me. I NEVER want you uncomfortable or unnatural. I personally feel that is where a lot of photographers fall short. They pose people looking at only the composition or light and end up with very stiff photos. These types of shots are fine for Sears or in your high school pictures, BUT NOT FOR ARTISTS!

headshot exampleheadshot example

In your profession there is a certain amount of surefootedness and ability that is not only natural to most of you, but is expected from you when you walk in the door. To put you in a pose that is not natural, comfortable or easy would mean that your surefootedness will not be captured. That ability will not be captured. What will be captured is: "Do you have the shot yet?" or "I am really uncomfortable."

So, if I direct you in a position and you are not comfortable SAY SO RIGHT AWAY! It is VERY RARE that I ever shoot or pose a person in such a way. Most of the time I will see before shooting. But the more we communicate together the better your shots will be.

Communication brings out fabulous shots. But if you don't communicate then there will be no magic in the shot. I am looking for gold. Communication, above all else, is what will bring it.

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