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The fact about make-up artists.

Some girls are extremely talented at their make-up and because they do it everyday they might feel that make up is unneeded by a pro. Men usually try to stay away from make-up because they are nervous that the make-up will show and not look natural. Because of these common concerns and viewpoints a lot of people out there don't spring for a make-up artist. I personally find this to me a mistake. Make-up artists are a very wise investment.

The truth is that cameras pick up everything. If your blush is uneven, if your eye shadow has a sharp line, most people do not have the eye to notice this. A make up artist does. Some of you (men) with flawless skin can get away with out a make-up artist, but ANY discoloration in your skin will need to be touched up in all of your photos. Any shine will need touch up. If your lips drain out of color, that will be "painted" in digitally. Naturally Men don't want to look like they are wearing make-up. Women don't want to be overly or underly done for their casting. But, to not do make-up generally means you will need touch ups. Touch ups can add up to a good deal more money than you think.

For men who are not doing make-up artists you need 2 things 1) to get a base cream or powder to help minimize shine. Have a girl help you pick out the right one for your skin tone and practice applying it before shoot day. 2) And most importantly, get cherry chapstick! You heard me. Not the glossy kind. The good old fashioned cherry chapstick. This will keep your lips looking soft and naturally pink and you won't look like your wearing lipstick.

Without Chapstick                                        With Chapstick

headshot example without chapstickHeadshot example with chapstick

Most photographers have a list of make-up artists who do a good job smoothing you out for a camera. They make men look like men without make-up who won't need touch ups. They make women look lovely or sexy or cute or whatever is called for with your casting without over or under doing it. Usually the quality of make-up is way higher than what you have in your make-up bag too!

Depending where you are located make-up can cost anywhere from $75 to $300. Most rates fall into the $100 to $175. Because a camera will pick up everything, make-up is a very wise investment. There is a reason why make-up is used on every set! So, don't skimp on your headshots by cutting out the make-up artist.

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