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Due to a great deal of calls and emails from around the world asking me if I know of good photographers I decided that I would create a list of reliable quality headshot photographers in various areas of the world for you. Each photographer listed here as been personally checked out by me to assure that you are getting the best possible referrals for your area. If you know of headshot photographers that should be listed here you can email me their information and I will personally check them out. Email me at info@headshots101.com

New York Headshot Photographers

Laura Boyd Laura Boyd
New York City, NY

Laura Boyd: As a headshot photographer in New York City, Laura not only has a studio set up but also takes advantage of natural lighting available throughout New York to help frame her various clients in ways that highlight their casting. Her nurturing style makes her shoots relaxed and enjoyable.

Karol DuClos Karol DuClos
New York City, NY

Karol DuClos: is one of New York City's seasoned headshot photographers. Located near the heart of Broadway her excitement for her work is contagious and brings a sense of fun and freedom to her clients that helps create the clean bold images that she is known for.

Rod Goodman Rod Goodman
New York City, NY

Rod Goodman: is a great headshot photographer. His lighting is dynamic which gives you beautiful images consistently. On top of really great theatrical headshots, Rod has such a quick witted sense of humor that those smiles for your Commercial Headshots will come pretty easily.

Jason Homa Jason Homa
New York City, NY

Jason Homa: has a great edgy vibe to his headshots. This New York photographer carries the stylistic touches from his experience as a successful music photographer and applies it to his headshots. He adds a little pop and spirit while maintaining integrity to the purpose of headshots.

Bluface Photography Bluface Photography
New York City, NY

Bluface Photography: is run by international fashion model and actress, Blu, who turned her creative arts towards the operation of the camera rather than the focus of the camera. Her experience in those fields transfers into simple clean and crisp headshots with a great eye on composition.