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Pre-shot prep and rules

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Make sure you have what you want to bring not only picked out, but clean, ironed and ready to go.

Come with faces clean and w/ out make-up if you made the good choice of getting a make-up artist. However, I recommend coming hair ready.

Do not go to a photo shoot hung over, on drugs or intoxicated. You need to be 100%. I have shot people who smoked out to "calm them down." What happens is that it dulls your awareness by adding this filter between you and the rest of the world. So, don't add your own filters to your headshots please. It will make it a lot harder to get what is needed. The same goes for alcohol and all other mind altering drugs. We need all of your mind there!

Don't get facials close to headshot day. Have AT VERY LEAST a week of time before the shoot and your last facial.

Don't get your hair cut the same week as your headshots. Usually hairdressers style hair to look best a week or two out from trim day.

Women... be aware of your fine hair around your lip. If you need to get it waxed do so.

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Men... if you want some rougher shots of you, or some with facial hair and others without, take your shaving kit. Just make sure that your photographer knows you plan on doing this and can slot out their time and make-up artist accordingly.

Try not to have any sunglasses on about 15 to 20 minutes before the shoot and certainly not after make-up has been applied. I know this is especially hard for those of you with blue eyes out on location, but it will mess up your make up and make little marks on your nose.

Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot.

THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT: I have had clients (mainly women) come to a shoot starving because they did not want to eat thinking that this will balloon them up. It has been my experience that the exact opposite is true! If you do not eat your senses dull and your body actually feels heavier.

Trust me, it looks heavier too. I have seen that transfer onto film. On top of that you will end up having a hard time focusing. Your body needs food. So eat PLEASE! There is such a huge difference between the fed and the unfed.

It's very smart to drink a lot of water the week leading up to the shoot. Your skin will love it and your body will look very good. I have seen that by taking at least 1 liter per 50 lbs. of body weight, per day, works really well.

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