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The Tip Jar:

I built this site so that artists had a real clear cut resource on the very basics of being able to promote themselves in their field. I get emails from all over the world complimenting on how much they learned, which makes me very happy. I was surprised to see my site jump to the number one slot on Google when people search "Headshots" and it is not because I did some fancy programming here. It's because there has been a void of the basic information needed. With that number one slot comes emails and phone calls from around the world. I answer all of them to the best of my ability.

A few fellow readers suggested putting in a tip jar for my services. I debated it for a while. My purpose in this site is to answer basic questions on headshots for actors that are so often asked of me. I spend hours each week answering emails from areas all over the world and I love it. I have decided that it would be nice to be able to allow people to thank me with a tip if they choose. It is your choice and will aid in the hosting fees and so forth that come along with maintaining www.headshots101.com.

Thank you. Now go kick some butt out there doing what you love!

Best Wishes,
Jessica Pettyjohn