Purpose of Headshots101


The purpose of headshots101 is to give you, the actor, full understanding on what a headshot is, how a headshot works for you and how to get the most out of your headshots.  

If you fully understand how headshots are used you will be able to know what you are going for when you work with a photographer.  You will know what agents and casting directors need and you will have direction.  Headshots get you in the door for auditions.  With bad headshots it will be harder to get an agent.  With bad headshots your agent won’t be able to get you many auditions.  So good headshots are a very key point for actors to understand.  Without a good headshot you are not promoting yourself correctly. This can cause a slow or stop before you even start.

Hopefully this site will clarify what headshots are, how they are used and what you personally should focus on to get the best possible promotion for your acting career.


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