What do kids need for headshots?

 First and foremost I am going to speak as a mother of a successful working actress and say this. Acting is not a hobby. It is a profession. Your job as a parent is to provide for your kids and to raise a smart, kind, happy, well balanced individual that will be able as they move into adulthood caring these values and skills that you raise them with and lead by example with.  Their life is their own.  Their choices are their own.  Their interests are their own.  This is not like signing up your kid for soccer to see if they like it.  There are no legal contracts for little league.  Little league does not legally bind you for potentially five or more years.  Little League does not require a schedule of over fifty hours a week not counting the prep work for those hours you are there. This is not patty cake.  If your kid is not legitimately interested in this DO NOT FORCE IT.  Do not take it to a professional level. My kid begged me for about four years before I started her and that was after a year doing little community things to make sure she liked it and maintained interest.

In kids network, a lot of the time you see kids that have not really done anything suddenly with a huge responsibility and shortly into their contract after the newness wears off and they realize it is actually work and they never liked the character anyway and so they begin to be a pain in the ass. I am writing a whole book that covers the aspects of how to help your kid in this business and still maintain sanity.  But here we are talking about headshots and there are a few things you need to know if you are to help your child with acting.